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Can you help us change the way we get outside and enjoy nature?

Owl's purpose is to support connection to nature and family by providing access to adventure, the outdoors, and economic opportunity for our employees, partners, and customers. We achieve this by being relentless in our commitment to innovate and deliver quality adventure van experiences for all seekers. Owl believes in creating a hard-working but fun work environment. We are committed to building and sustaining the adventure community through education, events, and functional products.

Owl started in the garage of Founder John Willenborg. After years in the mobile accessories industry creating products for the Apple Store, John turned down a position at Google to follow his passion for industrial design. Owl’s first product, the ladder, became an instant hit, and the company has grown from that garage to the industry's number one brand in a little over three years. Currently, Owl has four, soon to be five, locations and 30+ employees.

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