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Ineos Grenadier Wheel Relocation Bracket (Adjustable)

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One of the first modifications Grenadier owners make is to add larger tires for increased ground clearance and improved off-road capabilities. Once you add larger tires, however, you block the rear doors from opening. Owl has created the world's only adjustable and lockable tire relocation kit for the Ineos Grenadier, made from 3/16" steel to stand up to years of abuse. Our Tire Relocation Bracket has multiple verticle holes that allow the wheel mounting surface to be moved several inches right or left. This means that not only do your doors open but your tire is located where you want it. 

Adjustability -When it comes to tires, one size does not fit all. Whether you want to center the tire on your window or mount it in a different position, our tire relocation bracket has eight holes and four different mounting positions.

Wheel Hanger Stud - We include an extended wheel hanger stud that allows a single user to lift a tire onto the wheel hanger stud and hold the weight of the wheel/tire. Then the user is able to easily install the lug bolts without additional. The wheel hanger stud can also be used with a padlock to lock on your expensive wheel/tire from thieves. 

Mounting - We did not want to mess with the waterproofing of the factory door or where the load is carried so we made our carrier mount to the factory door mount. We simply extended the mount to flip the wheel and adjust it to clear the doors. 

Steel—While we make most items out of aluminum, we chose steel for this application because it is a better long-term material for withstanding vibration and the stresses of cantilevering a 100-lb wheel/tire combo.

Ugly Duckling - Also, since the unit will not be seen, we went for function over aesthetics, making a rock-solid yet adjustable carrier to last as long as your Grenadier does. 


  • Fits: Ineos Grenadier (not Quartermaster)
  • Adjustable right and left for the perfect fit of your tire size
  • Steel - Powder coated black
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Mounts to the factory tire carrier on the Grenadier (already on your vehicle)
  • Include wheel hanger stud
  • Lockable
  • Mount tire with a single person
  • Works with tire sizes (OEM-35")
  • Clears rear windshield wiper
  • Simple install (bolts right on)
  • Does not compromise the factory door seal like other brackets

 Lead Time: MID JUNE

*Note - The Wheel Relocation Bracket in the video below is a prototype with studs. Production units will come with lug bolts. Production units will also have a much higher-end finish

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