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INEOS Grenadier Owl Mojo Wheels

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There are a lot of factors that go into making a great wheel. Obviously, there is style which is highly subjective but there are also a number of features that can enhance the performance of your rig in addition to making it look good on the trail.

When we set out to develop the Owl Mojo wheel we wanted something that was substantial, looked clean, had a proper offset and raised the amount of abuse the wheel could take. 

    Mojo Grenadier Wheel Features

    Load Capacity - At close to 6,000 pounds before your gear, the Grenadier is no lightweight. That's why our Mojos have the highest weight rating of any wheel in the industry.  What does that increased load-carrying capacity mean for performance? It means this wheel won't leave you stranded when you're off the beaten path. Overbuilt gear is the key to safe adventures. 


      • Owl Mojo - 4200lbs (Mojo wheel weight 32lbs)
      • BR Barstow - 2700lbs (Wheel weight 32lbs)
      • BR Arsenal - 2600lbs (Wheel weight 32lbs)
      • Method 701 - 3600lbs (Wheel weight 28lbs)

    Offset - The offset of a wheel in basic terms is how much it sticks out the side of the van. All Grenadier wheels are a positive offset and the lower the number the farther the wheel will stick out the side of the vehicle (filling the wheel well and widening the track. A wider track is key for stability offroad and even more important if you have any weight up high like a rooftop tent. Better offset means a lower center of gravity. In the image below you can see how far tucked under the Grenadier the stock wheel (right) is compared to the Mojo (left)


    INEOS Wheel Offsets:

        • STOCK +55
        • Owl Mojo - +30mm  
        • BR Barstow - +38mm
        • BR Arsenal - +38mm
        • Method 701 - +50mm



    • Colors: Satin Black, Graphite Grey, Bronze (Wheel center cap is all BLACK)
    • Size: 17"8"
    • Bolt Pattern: 6x130mm
    • Lug Bolt Seat Style: Cone
    • Lightweight rugged aluminum
    • Bead Retention Ring
    • Highest Load rating in the industry: 4200lbs per wheel
    • Dual valve stem system (Apex Valve sold separately)
    • Larger tire sizes may require a mondo kit or some trimming for clearance
    • Tires are not included


    • Black - In Stock
    • Bronze - In Stock  
    • Gunmetal -In Stock

    Dual Valve Stem System - We know how critical lowering air pressure is for traction off-road. We also show what a pain and how time-consuming lowering tire pressure can be. That's why we decided to innovate on the Owl Mojo and include a second valve stem location. This second valve stem allows you to run the factory TPMS (tire pressure monitors) as well as run an Apex quick air dump system. This dual-valve stem system allows for the best of both worlds. 

    *Apex valves are not required. If you don't order the Apex valves with the wheels you can simply install a second standard valve stem. 


    California Prop 65

    WARNING: Some of the products listed contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. None of our products are intended to be used in conjunction with clean drinking water unless stated otherwise. For more info please visit

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